Discover threats quickly, remediate immediately, and mitigate the impact of malware and breaches

A truly comprehensive security system does more than just provide “locks” for the entrances to a network, it searches for and reacts to threats that may have already entered the system.

The Advanced Threat Protection integrated throughout Microsoft 365 monitors and protects everything from data, to endpoints, to user identities. These tools are always working behind the scenes to keep your business secure, keeping you in the loop without overwhelming you with information.

At CalAV, Inc, we believe in securing your business with a holistic strategy. Contact us to learn more.

Technology is not static, and neither, therefore, are the methods cybercriminals can use to gain access to company networks or data. In light of this, an effective security system is one that can learn and react to new threats as they come. Discover the powerful combination of Microsoft tools that provide a comprehensive security strategy for your business.

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Bringing Banking Into the 21st Century with Clearbank

By deploying Microsoft 365 solutions for financial services in Microsoft Azure, banks develop the agility to deliver innovative new services and meet the ever-changing security requirements of global regulators at record-breaking speeds. Watch this video for inspiration.

This video highlights how Microsoft 365 solutions for financial services helps Clearbank optimize the Microsoft Azure cloud to create and deliver innovative banking services at record-breaking speeds while meeting the rigorous security requirements of global regulators.

Microsoft Security Intelligence Report: Volume 23

Botnets, hacker methods, and ransomware, oh my!

After compiling information across 100 countries and millions of computers, Microsoft has identified the latest threats affecting digital security. In this report, take a deep dive into the aforementioned topics to discover how your business might be at risk and steps you can take to protect yourself.

At CalAV, Inc, we believe that protecting your business starts by arming yourself with information. Contact us to learn more.

In this bi-annual publication, learn about the latest security threats affecting us all, including botnets, hacker methods, and ransomware.

View: Microsoft Security Intelligence Report: Volume 23

DBS Bank: Creating a Seamless Banking Experience

With game-changing business productivity solutions from Microsoft 365 Enterprise, banks get the peace of mind of knowing mobile employees and customers can engage securely and seamlessly in the cloud. Watch this video to see how Microsoft 365 helps the CIO at DBS Bank sleep soundly at night.

This video highlights how Microsoft 365 Enterprise for financial services helps DBS Bank drive digital transformation by creating seamless banking experiences for its mobile workforce and customers. It shows how the bank uses business solutions such as OneDrive, Sharepoint and Yammer to empower richer, more secure collaboration and decision-making in the cloud.

5 key areas to focus on while integrating cloud-based strategies

Moving to the cloud does not happen overnight, and the road there can often appear winding and poorly marked. It may not always be clear which move is the right one for your company.

Advisors can help a business navigate this path, ensuring they are achieving the desired result and avoiding complications.

We here at CalAV, Inc want to ensure that your business is making the best possible choice when starting out on your cloud journey. Contact us to learn more about making the right choice.

As moving to the cloud becomes less a matter of “if” and more a matter of “when” for most companies, the follow-up question is how best to go about doing so. This article identifies several key goals or opportunities companies will want to focus on as they enter into this process.

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