The New Surface Pro 8. The Most Powerful Pro.

Check out #Microsoft Surface Pro 8: The power of a laptop, the flexibility of a tablet. This video will give you a first look at this device’s beautiful design and functionality. With smart features plus the power of Windows 11, it’s everything you need.

In this video, you’ll get a first look at the Microsoft Surface Pro 8—the most powerful Pro yet. To learn more, feel free to reach out to us.

What’s Next in Security for Microsoft

What’s the difference between cybersecurity and cyber resilience? What we tell customers is that cyber resilience is all about what happens when cybersecurity measures fail. Watch this video to gain insight on what it takes to be more cyber resilient and how @Microsoft Security helps.


Microsoft Security has some exciting new innovations that will help organizations overcome today’s security challenges and be fearless. Watch the video as Vasu Jakkal, Corporate Vice President of Security, Compliance, and Identity at Microsoft discusses the many ways Microsoft is stopping cyber criminals.

Best of Windows 11 on Microsoft Surface

Voice typing abilities, personalized on-screen keyboard, Teams integration, improved multi-monitor experience—and more! Read this eBook, to discover the best of Windows on #Microsoft Surface!

This eBook highlights the most important features of Microsoft Surface and discusses Surface for Business. Please contact Helios for more information about Microsoft Surface and Surface for Business.

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Sustainable Jeans and Sneakers Manufacturer Chooses Microsoft 365 to Stay One Step Ahead

As your SMB grows, do you struggle with the complexity of managing IT and your growing workforce? How can @Microsoft 365 help? For ideas, read this success story on how Microsoft 365 helps jeans manufacturer 1083 operate efficiently and enjoy enhanced security while giving management the time to focus on running a clothing brand rather than IT complexity.

#MicrosoftSecurity #CloudSecurity #BeFearless

1083 is a jeans and sneaker company that prioritizes recycling and reusing materials to combat waste. Read the customer story to see how Microsoft 365 Business Premium helps 1083 run efficiently and enjoy enhanced security.

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Reducing Security Risks in the Hybrid Workplace with Windows 11 and Surface

Ready to learn with #Microsoft Surface? 👩‍🏫🧑‍🏫 Helios suggests that you watch this video and join Microsoft security experts to learn about out-of-box security settings on Surface devices. You can use these settings to reduce security risks and make life easier for IT professionals.

Check out this video to learn about out-of-box Microsoft Surface security settings that can safeguard your endpoints and simplify the work that IT pros do. If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to us today.

From Chip to Cloud: Endpoint Security for the Modern Workplace Flyer

#Microsoft Surface eSecurity: chip-to-cloud protection. Windows Hello, Microsoft 365 Conditional Access, Microsoft Authenticator—these are some of the security features you’ll enjoy. 👍 Helios suggests checking out this document to learn more.

Check out this document to learn more about essential Microsoft Surface security features designed to keep your endpoints safe. For additional information, feel free to contact us today.

View: From Chip to Cloud: Endpoint Security for the Modern Workplace Flyer

Unleash the Power of Your Small Business with Microsoft 365

Are your productivity and collaboration tools tailored to your organization’s unique needs and challenges? Read the @Microsoft blog to gain insight on how they can be. When you’re done, contact a Microsoft 365 expert from Helios for a free consultation.

#MicrosoftSecurity #CloudSecurity #BeFearless

Small businesses today have had to adapt to new ways of working, a challenging operating environment and ever-changing customer expectations. Read the blog for insight on how Microsoft 365 is tackling those challenges.

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Forrester TEI Report

Have you examined implementing a Zero Trust framework? Download the Forrester report to learn why now’s the time to start your Zero Trust journey.

When you’re done with the report, Helios can help you better understand the benefits associated with implementing the @Microsoft Zero Trust architecture. Get in touch to discuss next steps.

#MicrosoftSecurity #CloudSecurity #BeFearless

By implementing a Zero Trust architecture, organizations can improve security posture, increase organizational agility, and empower employees. Read the Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) report to learn more about Microsoft’s Zero Trust security model.

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The New Surface Duo 2. Two Screens, Limitless Possibilities.

It’s sleek, it gives you 2 screens, it comes with limitless possibilities—it’s the new #Surface Duo 2. ✨ Helios invites you to watch this video, where you can see it in action! Watch and learn how you can get more done with this ultra-flexible device.

In this video, you’ll get to know the Surface Duo 2—and all of the possibilities it unlocks. For additional information, feel free to contact Helios today.

Surface Duo

#Surface Duo: Two screens, One great decision. Ready for a revolution in technology? Helios suggests that you download this document where you can get to know the Surface Duo, an ultra-flexible device made for the work you do. 🙌

Meet the Surface Duo, an ultra-flexible device with 2 screens and plenty of power—ready to revolutionize the way you work. If you’d like to learn more, feel free to contact Helios today.

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