Nokia Integrates Azure Arc into MXIE Bundle

Nokia integration with @Microsoft Azure Arc gives Nokia MX Industrial Edge (MXIE) and private wireless customers seamless access to the full Azure ecosystem on MXIE. What’s the advantage? Read this blog and tell us if you’d like a Microsoft Azure Arc expert from Helios to reach out for a consultation.

Nokia is integrating Microsoft’s Azure Arc cloud management platform into its MX Industrial Edge (MXIE) solution for mission-critical Industry 4.0 environments. This short blog provides an overview of capabilities and benefits. Read to learn how the connectivity will enable Nokia private wireless and edge computing customers to also manage Azure workloads in any cloud and edge combination in a single management plane.

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Azure Arc Demo

What do you want to know about Azure Arc and how it can support your business? For starters, you can secure multi cloud, on-premises and hybrid infrastructure — all from a single pane of glass. To see how, schedule a free demo with one of the @Microsoft Security experts at Helios.

Azure Arc enables you to find weak spots across your configuration, help strengthen overall security posture, and help meet any relevant compliance requirements for your resources across Azure. Schedule a complimentary demo with a Microsoft Azure expert from Helios.

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The new Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera

Give everyone a seat at the table with the new #Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera. 👍 Helios invites you to watch this video to learn more about this camera’s great feature—like a 4K ultra-wide angle lens, automatic framing, tilt compensation, and more.

Watch this video to meet the new Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera—and learn how it can make remote meetings even better. If you’d like additional details, feel free to get in touch with us today.

Surface Hub 2S in the hybrid workplace

Check out this #Surface Hub solution guide! Helios recommends looking at this document to learn how Microsoft’s Surface Hub can seamlessly unite your hybrid workforce. 🤝 It solves a lot of problems that other options can’t—like digital whiteboarding in a remote environment, or collectively editing and sharing content in real time.

This solution guide introduces Microsoft’s Surface Hub, an innovative solution designed to make the hybrid workplace more inclusive and flexible than ever. For additional details, feel free to contact us today.

View: Surface Hub 2S in the hybrid workplace

3 Steps to Secure Your Multi Cloud and Hybrid Infrastructure with Azure Arc

Your organization faces attackers motivated to exploit security via multi cloud and hybrid workloads. How can you get out of crosshairs? With @Microsoft #Azure Arc, you can become a tougher target. Read on.


Organizations today face an attacker ecosystem that is economically motivated to exploit security with multi cloud and hybrid workloads. Read the blog to gain insight on securing your multi cloud and hybrid infrastructure using Microsoft Azure Arc.

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Cybersecurity Audit

How can Helios help your company address its security vulnerability concerns and mitigate risks? Getting a detailed assessment from the cybersecurity experts at Helios can help you identify and address networks, applications, processes, and software vulnerabilities. Contact us to schedule a free cybersecurity audit.

Identifying vulnerabilities in your hybrid work environment is the first step to preventing breaches and mitigating the impact of threats. The cybersecurity experts at Helios can help by performing a complimentary cybersecurity audit. Contact us to schedule it.

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Surface Laptop for Education—IT Admin Year in the Life

See how #Microsoft #Surface Laptop SE makes life easier for IT administrators! Helios suggests that you check out this infographic to see how this device makes the school year smoother, start to finish. 🙌 Simple configuration, easy remote updating, easy to manage—it’s ideal for learning environments.

This infographic takes you through the school year as an IT administrator—and shows how the Surface Laptop SE makes life easier for busy IT admins. To learn more, contact us today.

View: Surface Laptop for Education—IT Admin Year in the Life

The New Surface Laptop SE

#Microsoft #Surface Laptop SE: the intelligent choice for education. It’s simple to deploy and manage, features an easily repairable design, and gives you cloud-first Windows 11 SE—it’s everything students need. 👩‍🎓💡 Helios invites you to see it in action in this video.

Watch this video to learn about the Surface Laptop SE, a device made especially for students. If you would like additional information, feel free to contact us today.

Ransomware as a Service: Understanding the Cybercrime Gig Economy

RaaS is a growing threat in the cybercrime gig economy. Where does protecting your organization from it fall on your list of priorities? Read the blog for insight on this continuously evolving ecosystem. Comment to let us know how the experts at Helios can help you stay ahead of RaaS threats.

In the same way our traditional economy has shifted toward gig workers for efficiency, criminals are learning that there’s less work and less risk involved by renting or selling their tools for a portion of the profits than performing attacks themselves. Read the blog to gain insight on the industrialization of cybercrime and contact us to speak with an expert from Helios on best practices you can use to protect your organization from this increasingly popular style of attack.

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Remote and Hybrid Work Made Easier with Surface for Business

#Microsoft #Surface Pro accelerates digital transformation around the world. 🌍 Helios recommends that you check out this video to see how companies everywhere have leveraged these devices to support hybrid workers.

In this video, you’ll discover how companies around the world have relied on Surface Pro devices to accelerate digital transformation. To learn more, please contact us today.