USB Forensics — Recover More Volume Serial Numbers with the Windows 10 Partition/Diagnostic Event Log

Windows 10 introduced a new event log valuable to digital forensic examiners and incident responders. What should you take away from the results? Written for a technical audience, this blog walks you through the methodology and what it means.

Windows 10 introduced an event log of high value to digital forensic examiners and incident responders — especially when device attribution is required. Written for a technical audience, this blog shares the results of an analysis showing what can be stored in the log. Read the blog to gain insight into methodology, results and their relevance.

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 Introducing Microsoft Surface Laptop 4

Do it all with Microsoft #Surface Laptop 4. It’s powerful, sleek, and gives you exceptionally long battery life. With smart so many smart features plus Windows functionality, this laptop is not just a tool—it’s a way of life. Check it out in this video, courtesy of Helios.

Do it all with sleek design, speed, and exceptionally long battery life on Surface Laptop 4.

Your Guide to Mobile Digital Forensics

Mobile forensics is fast-moving. What challenges have your investigators come up against? In this blog post, find tips and guidance for approaching an investigation, avoiding common mistakes, building a strong forensics team and staying positive when things get frustrating.😊 Get the guide. Get in touch for a one-on-walk through from a Helios digital forensics expert.

The security community is constantly learning from each other to better protect the world against cyber threats. In this blog, Microsoft Security Product Marketing Manager Natalia Godyla talks with Cellebrite Senior Director of Digital Intelligence, Heather Mahalik. Read the blog for expert insight on digital forensics with a focus on mobile forensics — from technical guidance to hiring best practices.

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NFP Powers a 6,000-Employee Hybrid Workplace with Work-from-Anywhere Surface Laptop 4

Work from anywhere with #Surface Laptop 4: Design, speed, long battery life. This device has it all. See how NFP used Surface 4 to seamlessly transition to work from home in this customer story, courtesy of Helios.

In this customer story, you will see how Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 4 empowers businesses and organizations to work from anywhere—safely and securely. For additional details, please contact Helios.

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Microsoft Digital Defense Report

On threat landscapes, the stakes have changed. There is a massive growth trajectory for ransomware and extortion. What is your company doing to protect itself? The Microsoft Digital Defense Report sheds light on the problem and provides actionable ransomware prevention steps. A Microsoft partner, Helios is available to discuss next steps. What are yours?

Covid has sparked a burgeoning cybercrime economy and rise in cybercrime services with continues to grow in complexity and fervency. The trend encompasses new levels of supply chain and ransomware attacks that serve as a powerful reminder of the need to protect cybersecurity. The Microsoft Digital Defense Report draws on insights, signals and data from the cloud, endpoints and the intelligent edge. In sharing these insights, Microsoft aims to empower the world to defend the online ecosystem more effectively. Download the report to build your understanding of threat and attack trends and get recommendations for proactive actions you can take for cybersecurity.

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Surface Laptop Studio

Unleash your potential with the #Surface Laptop Studio. Powerful graphics with the NVIDIA RTX 3050 plus Windows 11 and Microsoft 365 make this the most powerful Surface device yet. Learn the details in this document, courtesy of Helios.

With the Surface Laptop Studio, the most powerful Surface device yet, you can unleash your potential. Learn more about it in this document. For additional details, contact Helios.

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The New Surface Laptop Studio. Incredibly Powerful, infinitely Flexible.

Introducing #Surface Laptop Studio: Incredibly powerful and flexible. Create without limits thanks to Windows 11 and Microsoft 365 combined with powerful hardware—like NVIDIA RTX 3050 graphics and 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processing. Check it out in this video, courtesy of Helios.

Discover how to break boundaries with the Surface Laptop Studio. This video brings you the details. For additional information, please contact Helios.

Microsoft Azure IoT Manufacturing Solutions

From driving efficiency to improving quality, IoT remote monitoring solutions help manufacturers gain real-time visibility and save costs. What technology solutions do you use to achieve fast, cost-effective results? How can you get even better results with Azure IoT? Watch this video to explore the benefits.
@Azure #IoT

From driving operational efficiency to improving product quality, IoT remote monitoring solutions help manufacturing companies achieve real-time visibility into production and save time and money. In the face of challenges like COVID-19 and shifting IT boundaries, Microsoft customers use highly secure Azure IoT solutions to drive speedy and cost-effective results. Watch this video to discover the benefits of IoT in manufacturing.

An IT Admin’s Year in the Life with Surface Laptop SE

Make your IT team’s school year easier with #Surface Laptop SE. This document, courtesy of Helios, shows you how the Surface Laptop SE gives IT administrators in education smart tools like remote deployment and remote management to make maintenance simple.

Learn how the Surface Laptop SE makes life easier for IT administrators in education. If you have additional questions, please contact Helios.

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Customer Success Story: The Little Potato Company

What does advanced threat protection and identity management look like with cloud technologies like Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365? Family-owned agriculture business, The Little Potato Company, tells all in this customer story. Get the story to learn how the company protects its environment against sophisticated attacks with strict identity and access management controls. Comment below to let us know how Helios can help protect your business with Microsoft Security solutions.

@msftsecurity #Microsoft365 #Azure

What does advanced threat protection and identity management look like in action? Read this customer success story to find out how a family-owned agriculture company uses Microsoft cloud technologies like Azure and Microsoft 365 to apply strict identity and access management controls with advanced threat protection products to revitalize their business.

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