What DaaS Means for You

What Does Device as a Service (DaaS) Mean for You? It means delighting your staff with the latest Windows 10 devices, preloaded and customized with the most current software available. It means a monthly subscription bundle that includes all of the maintenance, support, and managed IT services that you could possibly need. It means eliminating high upfront costs and reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO). Check out this 1-minute video, brought to you by CalAV, Inc, for details about how DaaS programs will benefit you.

DaaS stands for Device as a Service. But it could also stand for Delight as a Service, because DaaS delights everyone by placing THE most current hardware and software at their fingertips. It makes obsolescence a thing of the past. It improves overall productivity. It bundles all of the services you need to maintain and support your devices into a single, budget-friendly, monthly subscription. DaaS is your future!