A Modern Blueprint for Endpoint Protection

Are you one of the 64% of organizations who have experienced #endpoint attacks that compromised your data assets or infrastructure? If yes, it’s clearly time to put more measures in place to improve your endpoint security. And if not, consider yourself lucky—for now. And take actions to ensure that you don’t become a statistic.

Read the @Microsoft eBook “A Modern Blueprint for Endpoint Protection,” brought to you by Helios, to find out what an endpoint defense-in-depth strategy should contain, from the device firmware to the cloud, across all phases of the lifecycle.

The IT industry has learned the hard way that there’s no substitute for defense-in-depth. But what exactly does that mean when it comes to endpoints? Microsoft’s “A Modern Blueprint for Endpoint Protection” eBook provides an excellent overview of the key components of an effective, multi-layered endpoint security strategy: the device itself, access to the device, and device deployment and management. It discusses the technologies required in each area to heighten security, including capabilities provided with Microsoft Surface. For more information on endpoint security, contact us today.

View: A Modern Blueprint for Endpoint Protection