The 4 factors of the new ROI equation

The ROI equation has been rewritten when it comes to workforce technology. It’s clear—devices offering flexibility, security, creativity, and power for your entire team drive long-term value. But making the right device decision is not always easy.

Check out this eBook, brought to you by ContentMX, LLC, to see how Microsoft @Surface devices’ true mobility, incredible security, and flexible form factor deliver your greatest ROI potential, and also to develop your own device investment strategy sure to return value for years to come.

With every aspect of modern work affected by devices and tech, how leaders equip their employees can yield significant returns, or have disastrous consequences, for years to come. Key to making the right decision is weighing a team’s human and hardware needs evenly. This eBook from Microsoft Surface can help. “The 4 factors of the new ROI equation” breaks down the factors driving device value in today’s workplace—flexibility, security, creativity, and power—to help clients develop a smart device investment strategy. Contact us today to learn more.

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